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Medigreen, is an innovative vertically integrated cannabis cultivator, wholesale and retail organization.
While taking advantage of short term opportunity, we moderate our investments in the mainstream market, focusing on long term sustainable growth by identifying the next market opportunities.


The Company brings an entrepreneurial approach to the industry and has acquired strategic stakes across the cannabis value chain.

We are hacking the future of cannabis industry through innovations.

MEDIGREEN is constantly searching the opportunity beyond the trends and away from competition, to achieve Sustainable-Growth instead of Cut-Throat competition and Revenues-Erosion.

Lower risk is achieved not only with moderated growth, but also with Cost-Management mindset as the core of MEDIGREEN business plan.


Plan beyond the trends
Develop reliable partnership
Adopt growth with regulation 


Medigreen has the best professionals with years of experience in Marijuana cultivation and research in Israel, the US, and South America

International team of the best professionals united to bring the Cannabis industry to the next level.

Strong Leadership
Inspiration & Clear Goals
Divercity, Trust & Respect


Medigreen mission is to keep the original landrace strains developed into what we now call our modern hybrid organic, pesticide-free cannabis strains

Medigreen leverages its vast real estate expertise in recently acquiring stakes in a number of geographically and scope diverse operators in the cannabis value chain through its partners

  • Pursue and partnering with Cost-Efficient Solutions
  • Responsible sustainable company growth
  • Scout for Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Source for the low growth cost/high yield locations

To achieve sustainable growth, MEDIGREEN follows the road to regulatory Policy and head along and sift through trends and changes in the Regulations through membership at Associations and Committees.

Adopt Growth with regulation
Diverse growing locations
Optimize the value chain